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Froggymouth® is a functional device that functions differently from all other myofunctional reeducation devices on the market.


Its action is based on a series of physiological processes highlighted by recent acquisitions in the neuroscience field.

It is a lightweight, noninvasive functional device designed to correct swallowing disorders in children, adolescents, and even adult patients.


Designed by Dr. Patrick Fellus, its concept has been successfully tested since 2006 at the Robert Debré Children's Hospital in Paris. It significantly reduces treatment time and prevents the recurrence of deformities.


Worn from an early age, it corrects the harmful effects of the pacifier, re-educates swallowing, and avoids or reduces future treatment.

Designed in France


A Success Story Since 2006

1.      Designed to correct defects.
2.      Functional, lightweight, non-invasive.
3.      Significantly reduces treatment time.
4.      Avoids recurrence of deformities.

Faster, more effective, and most importantly,
more stable treatments.


This device is designed and optimized for the comfort of its patients.

Made in France from a flexible material, TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), which contains neither latex nor phthalates and is MDL, FDA and CE certified.

Wearing it 15 minutes a day, such as when the patient is in front of the television, is enough to be effective, as its concept is based on the work of Eric Kandel, Nobel Prize winner in medicine in 2000 for his work on short- and long-term memory.

This limited time of use during daylight hours does not interfere with the child's sleep that is so important in childhood.


How can such a small device be so efficient and useful?

It needs to be understood that incorrect tooth position is the result of a muscular imbalance in the day-to-day functioning of the oral balance of the tongue and that there is nothing hereditary about it.

For a long time, it was believed that treatment should be done in adolescence so as not to be hindered by growth, therefore, no attempts were made to understand the cause of the deformities.


Froggymouth changes the direction of the forces at the root of the imbalance so that they go in the same direction as the device rather than opposing it. Once the causes of the problem are removed, corrective devices no longer need to address them, making treatment faster and more stable.

Having detected and corrected these dysfunctions, from the age of 4 years, natural correction of deformities can also be allowed.



Nowadays all treatments give excellent results, but with Froggymouth you can get 3 more benefits, 3 essential components for excellent treatment:

1. Increased performance

2. Longer duration

3. High stability


Every patient desires to achieve effective, fast, and, above all, stable treatment.

Nothing is worse than seeing the result of years of treatment disappear in a few years after finishing it.

The same goes for the practitioner and his ethics, negatively affecting his reputation concerning the effectiveness of the treatment.

Froggymouth with its 3 additional features, Performance, Durability, and Stability, takes these aspects into account by optimizing the functional strengths of each patient.

Why 15 minutes a day and in front of the TV?

Eric Kandel

"When working on the subconscious mind, there is no need to work long as much as consistently."

Eric Kandel
Physiological bases of memory storage in neurons 

As demonstrated by Nobel Prize winner in medicine (year 2000) Eric Kandel, when we work on the subconscious mind, there is no need to work for a long time, but regularly.

This is precisely why 15 minutes a day is enough in order to stimulate the patient's subconscious.


The goal is the creation of a new swallowing pattern by working, under the control of the trigeminal nerve, on the activation of neuronal circuits that generate and manage automatisms.

Froggymouth should always be worn during a recreational activity: preferably in front of the TV, Playstation, or computer, maintaining a head posture parallel to the floor. 

By doing so, with the complicity of the limbic system, the new swallowing pattern may develop subcortically, and involuntarily.


In fact, according to Kandel's findings, learning of subcortical origin involves the creation of new neuronal pathways through synapses that perpetually stabilize the new acquisitions.

Additional Information

For more information about the device and its operation, you can visit the video section below.

You can also view clinical cases treated with this device and scientific publications about it. If you are still looking for more information, please feel free to contact us or attend the training days on Froggymouth.

Froggymouth Kids
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